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This site bu medical all bu bu maps bu directory google home research projects on aphasia rehabilitation projects on language recovery projects on bilingualism projects on bilingual aphasia fmri projects participate people swathi kiran chaleece sandberg elsa ascenso sofia vallila teresa gray sarah villard isabel balachandran peter glynn melody lo megan quimby caitlin keane brooke widman collaborators rajani sebastian publications presentations contact us projects on bilingual aphasia – computational modeling and rehabilitation recently dr. buy generic viagra canada viagra online Kiran has extended her research into rehabilitation of bilingual aphasia, a subspecialty of aphasia rehabilitation with a potential for sizable clinical and theoretical impact. discount viagra generic best price buy viagra online overnight shipping In the first study to systematically examine cross-language generalization in bilingual aphasia, we demonstrated the effect of semantic-based treatment on language recovery patterns in bilingual patients with aphasia edmonds & kiran, (2006) kiran & roberts (2009) in this study, we showed that training lexical retrieval in one language resulted in cross-language generalization (improvement in percent naming accuracy) in an organized and efficient fashion. Taking viagra with grapefruit juice viagra without prescription online usa Data from 3 bilingual patients with aphasia revealed that in an equally proficient individual, training in one language resulted in improvements in both the trained language and the untrained language. much does viagra cost boots generic viagra without a prescription In 2 bilingual patients who were more proficient in one language pre-stroke, training the less proficient language resulted in greater generalization to the untrained more proficient language. buy viagra online in the uk This work provides an important contribution to rehabilitation of bilingual aphasia because most treatment studies of bilingual aphasia have been case studies or weakly controlled experimental investigations (galvez & hinckley, 2003; kohnert, 2004; watamori & sasanuma, 1978). cheap viagra for sale These results are in line with our previous work on semantic complexity (kiran, 2007, in press, under review; kiran & bassetto, 2008; kiran & thompson, 2003b) suggesting that training complex information (i. does viagra daily work better E. generic viagra by mail , the less proficient language) results in generalization to less complex information (i. buy viagra with dapoxetine E. Viagra daily trial , the more proficient language). cheap generic viagra Here, we hypothesize that activation of targets in the less proficient language necessitates activation in the more proficient language. viagra use instructions   other studies on bilingual aphasia here is a recent presentation that summarizes our current work on bilingual aphasia rehabilitation and fmri studies. buy viagra with dapoxetine Bilingual aphasia simulating bilingual aphasia: a novel computational model current research on bilingual aphasia has only begun to inform us about the optimal rehabilitation for bilingual aphasic patients (roberts & kiran, 2007; edmonds & kiran, 2006) but the literature is still sparse in terms of interpreting the nature of naming impairments in bilingual aphasia. viagra side effects uk We have developed a computational model to simulate. generic viagra without subscription Viagra patient information