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You are here: home health/fitness medical specialists oncology (general cancer) high wbc and umbilical discharge oncology (general cancer)/high wbc and umbilical discharge advertisement expert: claes-gustaf nordquist, m. D. - 12/11/2008 question this is for my husband: 35yr male, moderate smoker, good health, no problems.. Elevated wbc over the last 10 years, mostly leukocytes his md has not been concerned.. It has ranged from 10980 to 17000, in the last year it has gone to 19000 9 months ago to 21000 today. Work up with a hematology oncologist 9 months ago including testicular ultrasound and blood smears turned up nothing. Off and on history of greenish/yellow drainage and blood from his belly button for the last 10 to 15 year, that he has stubbornly refused to mention to his md until 45 days ago. At that time they gave him trimeth sulfa 960 for 10 days. I am a veterinary technician and had my doctor (veterinary) run an ultrasound probe over him for my own piece of mind. viagra no prescription  we found a 3mm hyperecoic fluid filled cavity just under the belly button. His md refused to look at what we had seen, and disregarded us as 'dog doctors'.  but his md did order a ct. Ct of the abdomen showed nothing except a slightly enlarged fatty liver. buy viagra cheap He is now on a 30 day round of trimethaprin sulfa 960mg.  they have also referred him to a oncologist again suggesting he must have some sort of bone cancer and he should have a bone marrow biopsy done.. overnight usa order viagra online And at my insistence he will also be having a "human" abdominal ultra sound done. What are the chances of a persistent urachal cyst/infection causing a long term leukocytosis with no other symptoms.. Except occasional pain around the umbilicus when it is discharging? cheap viagra on line overnight Why would it not show up on a ct scan... viagra without a doctor prescription No fever, no swollen lymph nodes, no bone pain, no fatigue, no illnesses ect... maca peru's natural viagra Not to mention his blood was cleared by the hematology oncologist. female viagra in india Answer this may very well be caused by a local infection/inflammation close to his navel. cheap viagra buy online I can not explain why it was not seen on his ct but there may be a technical reason. Yes i do support a new ultrasound scan and maybe a new ct scan done in conjunction with that. cheap viagra in usa But to be on the safe side also a bone marrow biopsy should be done. If this probable in. cheap viagra buy online